HR Virtual Forum Series | Everyday Resiliency for Mental Wellness Today and in the Days to Come

In this webinar, Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe presents her work on resiliency that includes the five core competencies from a global perspective.

HR Virtual Forum Series | The Artistry of Change: The Top 3 Habits of People Who Turn Problems into Solutions

In this webinar, Carla Rieger presents the top 3 habits of people who are resilient and innovative.

HR Virtual Forum Series | Disruption is Opportunity

In this webinar, Shawn Kanungo provides a bold, unique, and disruptive view of the future that can help organizations create a more nimble, flexible and adaptable mindset to create a brighter future, together.

HR Virtual Forum Series | Courageous Leadership In Times of Uncertainty

In this webinar, Diane Lloyd presents her Courageous Leadership in Times of Uncertainty framework and the required competencies for leaders to inspire and motivate people in their personal and professional lives.

HR Virtual Forum Series | Rebuilding the Workplace: Legal Tools for Post-Pandemic Re-Entry

In this webinar, Howard Levitt presents expert legal advice to help prepare Canadian employers, across a variety of industries, for the legal challenges that they will face as they plan for post-pandemic re-entry.

HR Virtual Forum Series | The Echo Pandemic Is Coming: 5 Mental Health Essentials To Being Prepared

In this webinar, Beverly Beuermann-King presents 5 mental health essentials for organizations to prepare themselves post-pandemic. She also provides practical tools on how to recognize the warning signs & develop programs to support your staff.