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One of the top challenges leaders face is figuring out how to work on versus in their role while ensuring positive influence for team goals. Implement this proven 4-Step System, then influence your team to do the same.

From this presentation, you will learn:                          

  • Implement a work-backwards approach for annual goals so they are manageable and net consistent results by focusing on a: Quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily system
  • Reduce overwhelm from too many projects deadlines with this proven 4-step system
  • Shift old worn out habits no longer serving you through the practice of this 4-step process
  • Learn to work on vs in your role and influence your team to do the same; utilize rewards and incentives to maintain engagement, productivity and consistent results


HR directors, managers, training and development managers, sales VP and managers.

Meet your instructor

Christine Monaghan

Christine is a human-potential champion. She believes that stress is optional and when understood can be utilized to source the next brilliant opportunity in one or more life areas. Others describe her as the master motivator and influencer to tap into solutions for the next best version of yourself. She trains individuals and organizations to source solutions by shifting their focus from what they don’t want, don’t want to feel to inspired-action for what they do want, do want to feel. Her approach utilizes proven principles and a simple system based on mindful commitments, conversations and choices. Her bold goal is to provide a professional platform to collectively influence others to replace distress by tapping into more optimum performance. The vision is to shift unhealthy, lack and scarcity-based problems for a solutions-based mindset resulting in purposeful productivity, increased profitability and vibrancy, daily. Some of her sponsors/clients are corporate leaders, national and internationally.Christine’s business accomplishments and life experience contribute to her success as a consultant inclusive of:World-class event production (80,000+ attendees) and national revenue-generating promotions;Secured million’s in sponsorship and sales (Fortune 500 companies); Creator, national multi-city human-potential series (300+ seminars in Indigo/Chapters bookstores); Author, Heartbroke, An Entrepreneurs Journey from near Death to Possibilities; Internationally profiled podcast host.

Course Curriculum

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    1. Course Survey

About this course

  • 3 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content