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The presentation, Canada's Economic Outlook: Helping Employers Navigate A Global Crisis, was part of a 3 day virtual event presented by the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of Canada.  Called the HR Virtual Forum Series - Empowering Your People in a Post-Pandemic Workplace, the presentation was originally presented live on June 1, 2020. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic is first and foremost a global humanitarian and public health crisis, it has also ravaged economies world-wide. Strategies put in place to combat the virus’ spread have resulted in mass closures for businesses, record job losses and steep contractions in household spending.

This webinar with the Conference Board’s Chief Economist will set the stage as to how Canada’s economy and labour market will transition to a post-COVID world. Pedro Antunes will discuss the near- and longer-term prospects as we emerge from the lockdown—and what path will the recovery take across Canada’s industries and regions.

A live webinar aimed at helping human resource leaders with business planning and risk management.

Participants will learn about:

  • How the crisis is affecting the global and U.S. economies and how this will impact Canada’s export industries
  • The fallout of COVID-19 on Canada’s labour market, what occupations are hardest hit, and which will be most in demand in a post-COVID world.
  • What should employers expect in terms of wage pressures near- and longer-term?
  • What will be the fallout of the extraordinary fiscal measures put forth by federal and provincial government—how will ballooning government debt affect public and private employers?


Pedro Antunes

Chief Economist

Pedro Antunes is the thought leader and spokesperson for the Conference Board’s suite of economic forecast products, as well as other reports and economic indicators that relate to Canada and its regions. Mr. Antunes has provided expert testimony before parliamentary committees. He makes numerous presentations on economic topics and dialogues with Canadian leaders, the public and media about issues important to Canada.Mr. Antunes joined the Conference Board in 1991 after working with the Canadian Forecasting Group at the Bank of Canada. In addition to his contribution to regular forecast products, Mr. Antunes led research on the impact of demographic change on the financial sustainability of public health care, productivity and other issues affecting the long-term economic growth for Canada and its provinces. He also worked on several international projects, helping decision-makers in Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan and Ukraine develop appropriate forecasting and policy analysis tools.Pedro is fluent in both official languages. He is married with one son and enjoys hikes with his dog and playing soccer.Mr. Antunes holds an M.A. (Economics) from Queen's University and a B.A. (Honours Economics) from Bishop's University.

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