This bundle is for those who are looking to understand their strengths and development areas better and learn how to leverage emotional intelligence to improve themselves personally and professionally.

  1. Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (3 CPD Hours): This program will focus on developing a basic understanding of what Emotional Intelligence is, why it is crucial, and how it helps identify personal strengths and development opportunities in the 15 core emotional intelligence competencies.
  2. Enhancing Your Self-Perception with Emotional Intelligence (3 CPD Hours): In this program, you will learn how to improve your self-perception by gaining an awareness of how you perceive yourself and how well you present yourself to others. In turn, this will positively affect how you conduct yourself in personal and business relationships.
  3. Boosting Your Self-Expression with Emotional Intelligence (3 CPD Hours): This program will teach you how to communicate how you are feeling to others to prevent misperceptions from colleagues. This course delves into how you can use the self-expression competencies to express yourself in a way that is understood, respected and well-received from your superiors, peers and subordinates.

Emotional Intelligence and Personal Leadership Bundle
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Meet your instructor

Carolyn Stern

Head Instructor

Carolyn Stern specializes in helping professionals get unstuck, maximize their potential and achieve more. She is a successful entrepreneur, self-development professional, author, university professor, corporate trainer and coach, and Certified Emotional Intelligence Facilitator/Instructor. Her focus and passion has been on integrating emotional intelligence, leadership, and personal development, thereby empowering professionals to have the courage to get out of their own way, to live the life they have always wanted to, and to be the best version of themselves. Carolyn is a popular guest speaker at seminars, conferences and retreats.