How to Use Science to Achieve Repeatable Hiring Success

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Pre-hire assessments are designed to explore an individual's learning speed, motivations and personality, but what exactly does each one do in the context of finding the right candidate and how can you ensure a postive ROI? Tried and tested, scientifically reliable and consistently successful, find out how the science behind jobfit assessments can help you achieve REPEATABLE hiring success.

In this presentation, you will: 
  • What are pre-hire assessments and their different types?
  • What are best use practices?
  • How to develop + validate job benchmarks (ROI)
  • Data protection + privacy requirements
  • Certification
Who should attend: 
  • HR professionals involved in screening, hiring or succession planning.

Mike Campanella
Mike Campanella

Meet your instructor

Mike Campanella is the President & CEO of Prevue, a Vancouver-based company. For the past 12 years, he has partnered with people-first companies and HR professionals to not only reduce turnover, but to promote a culture of hiring as being a central part of building effective businesses. Mike and his team continue to look for innovative ways, based in science, to highlight the importance of efficient onboarding, employee retention, and succession planning by taking the guesswork out of the hiring process. 

Course Curriculum

How to Use Science to Achieve Repeatable Hiring Success

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1 Video
1 Survey