Managing Safety Self-Awareness

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Studies show that up to 90% of workplace incidents are caused by human error, and progressive organizations are now looking at the human factor in the safety equation. Learning how to identify and manage personality risk factors can reduce the occurrence of injuries, work stoppages, equipment and property damage and insurance costs. This webinar is designed to help HR professionals understand how personality contributes to preventable workplace incidents. Participants will learn how to identify and coach employees who are more naturally distractible, impulsive, ruleresistant and impatient, resulting in safer behaviours in the workplace.

In this presentation, you will learn: 

  • How personality contributes to increasing or reducing workplace incidents and injuries.
  • How to identify the leading indicators of personality risk tolerance in others and recognize risk before an incident occurs.
  • How to adapt your communication style and training approach to each employee and improve safety-related behavior in your workplace.

Who should attend:

HR Professionals, Health & Safety Specialists/Managers

Samantha Goldstein
Samantha Goldstein

Meet your instructor

Samantha Goldstein is the Technical Project Specialist at TalentClick Workforce Solutions, where she is a part of the team that is responsible for the development of proprietary products and professional services delivery. Samantha is soon to hold a Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology with a focus in Psychometric Development and Personnel Assessment. Samantha has facilitated personality-based development sessions in a number of contexts, including Education, Sports Management, Technology and Non-Profit. Samantha is passionate about demonstrating that businesses can optimize performance through the fit and fulfillment of employees. She aims to offer her training, experience and passion to the broader community by helping HR managers across BC discover the power of psychometrics. 

What's included?

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1 Survey
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