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The COVID-19 pandemic years have pushed people to reevaluate their priorities as well as their expectations of their professional lives. Not surprisingly, economic and financial concerns came to the forefront for many, which has influenced how they perceive their employer and how they go about searching for new jobs. More and more, job seekers and employees are requiring transparency around the topic of pay and compensation to be able to focus their efforts towards employers that can meet their needs.

Similarly,employers are finding that salary transparency can have positive implications beyond talent attraction (such as reducing the pay gap and increasing fair pay across the board); however, the simple fact is that every organization has to start rethinking its communications policies around pay, as legislation is being proposed and enacted in a growing number of locations in North America, though, for many, it is still taboo.

This live webinar will give you insights from Indeed on the importance of salary transparency, where pay information can be shared, as well as look at the hesitancy many have regarding honestly sharing their compensation structure.

Join Elise Marcotte, Senior Manager - Talent Intelligence at Indeed, as she presents research and data by Indeed around Salary Transparency covering such questions as:
  • Why is Salary Transparency such a prevalent current topic?
  • Why is it important that we discuss Salary Transparency?
  • What are reasons to NOT share your company salary information?
  • Where can you share salary information?

Who should attend:
This webinar is best suited for Recruitment professionals, practitioners, and decision makers who are looking for the latest data and insights around how to develop their talent attraction tactics, such as improved salary transparency.

Meet your speaker(s)

Elise Marcotte

Elise Marcotte, Senior Manager, Talent Intelligence at Indeed, helps organizations find the right talent and optimize their performance. Passionate and specialized in Marketing, she helps businesses stand out from the competition by sharing best practices on Employer Branding, insights on Job Seeker Behaviour and information about the Labour Market Dynamics in North America. She works with businesses from coast to coast in Canada, exploring unique data that helps support strategic discussions. Elise is also a two-time Olympian in Artistic Swimming and promotes the practice and importance of sports to teenage girls.

Course Curriculum

    1. Webinar Recording

    2. PowerPoint

    1. Course Survey

About this course

  • 3 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content