Racial discrimination is an ongoing global issue that has been commonly ignored. Within this historic year surrounding the pandemic, and now, the uprising against racial injustice happening around the world, HR professionals and business leaders need to create anti-racist workplaces. Companies will actively begin, or continue, facilitating discussions about equity and racism amongst their teams. Join our expert speakers for this special online event. This carefully selected group will help prepare us to get the discussions started in our own workplaces, to ensure racism has no place in our society.


Session #1: Being Intentional with Anti-racism (Jodi Rai, CPHR)

Session #2: Can I Say That? (Muse Greenwood)

Session #3: Q & A with Panelists (Moderated by Amelia Chan, CPHR)

Session Title: Being Intentional with Anti-racism

Session Speaker: Jodi Rai, MA, CPHR, Founder/HR Strategist, heyHumantis

Session Description:

Inclusive and diverse workplaces are ones where racism has been eliminated. They are cultures that live and breathe dignity, respect and equality. To get there, HR Professionals must be intentional. Let’s talk about how we get there collectively, by exploring concepts related to systemic/institutionalized discrimination, privilege and power.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The significance of human rights legislation and impacts on the work of HR
  • Organizational Culture as a social system
  • The influence of power, privilege, and supremacy mindsets
  • How to create intentional inclusive and diverse workplaces work places

Session Title: Can I Say That?
Session Speaker: Muse Greenwood, CEO, Inspiration FX

Session Description: 
Have you or anyone in your organization wondered how to start a safe and healthy conversation on Racism, Anti-Racism, Microaggressions, Unconscious Biases, and Discrimination safely and effectively?

If yes, then join this conversation because you are not alone. No matter your race or ethnicity or your cultural background, any discussion about Racism is uncomfortable and awkward at best. And these conversations can be a breeding ground of anger and denial when approached with guilt or blame. In this session, we are going to talk about how to start this dialogue with confidence. You will be given at least one way to begin these critical conversations that are necessary and essential to the survival of every organization in these challenging times. Please note: This is not about political correctness - this is about having the heart and caring to talk about Racism.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The What, Why, and How factors of systemic racism: Putting things in context.
  • The intersectional skills that will be needed to resolve, reconcile, and repair our communities.

Meet your speakers

Jodi Rai, CPHR

Jodi Rai is a mom and HR Strategist with 19+ years of experience in Human Resources, Organizational Behaviour and Leadership. As the founder of heyHUMANTIS, Jodi supports organizations in cultivating cultures with meaningful and impactful human connections. Her superpowers include being a critical thinking, empathy, and curiosity. Jodi’s obsession with intent, has led to hosting the heyINTENT podcast and publishing her first book: Be Intentional – An Approach to Humanizing Workplaces in the Fall 2020. One of her core beliefs is that “we are all connected and should own our part in it”.

Muse Greenwood

Muse Greenwood is an attorney, instructor, and holds qualifications in HR, LDM, NLP, and Indigenous Studies. She focuses on restoring trust and value in organizations of all sizes to co-create a better world. Her 32-years in HR, Training and Curriculum design have taken her around the world. Muse has worked with over 2000 companies in 23 various industries from 72 different countries. She has design award winning programs on Change Management, Communication, and Diversity, Equity and Equality. Muse has received many accolades for curriculum and program designs. Her award-winning business book Cyber Security Handbook A-Z Guidebook has been listed by Forbes as one of the world’s Top 100 Cybersecurity Books consecutively for 4-years. 

Meet your moderator

Amelia Chan, CPHR

Amelia Chan understands the challenging dynamics of running a business. She is an entrepreneur who is passionate about leadership and engagement. Amelia partners with business owners and executives to find creative but practical operational solutions that work. As a Chartered Human Resources Professional (CPHR) and founder of Higher Options Consulting, Amelia’s hands-on experience has yielded effective tools and processes for organizations in various stages of growth.Amelia writes regularly for CPHR BC & Yukon’s Peopletalk Magazine on workplace issues and speaks internationally on topics such as Canadian immigration, skilled workers and leadership development. Some of Amelia’s insights can be found at and she can be reached via [email protected].

Course Curriculum

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    2. Handout "Being Intentional with Anti-racism"

    3. PowerPoint "Can I Say That?"

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