Bullying & Harassment Prevention: Bill 14 Updates

Webinar Recording (1.5 CPD Hours)

Program Summary:
Effective November 1st, 2013 all employers, supervisors and employees were required to be operating under a new set of three legally binding WorkSafeBC policies.

As an employer, you need to be aware of the “Employer Duties - Workplace Bullying and Harassment" policy which sets out the reasonable steps an employer is expected to take to prevent workplace bullying and harassment.

These steps include the following:

1. POLICY - develop and communicate a policy statement for your workplace that includes steps to prevent and minimize harassment and bullying
2. PROCESS - develop and implement procedures for reporting and investigating incidents and complaints
3.TRAINING - training all staff on the definition of bullying & harassment, how to prevent it and how to recognize, respond, report and investigate complaints

We recognize that the new legislation can be overwhelming, so we will break it down to ensure you understand exactly what is required.

You Will Learn:

  • What this new legislation means.
  • What direction is provided by WSBC.
  • What is the WorkSafe BC definition of Bullying and Harassment.
  • What duties are required by employers, supervisors and employees.
  • What do you need to do to ensure compliance and create organizational change.
Cori Maedel
Cori Maedel

Meet your instructor

Cori’s diverse professional experience in Human Resources (HR) has benefitted many business owners with consistency, strategy and development. She takes the often overwhelming subject of HR and delivers practical and realistic tools for the business owner to implement from legal compliance, to recruiting and retention, to development and training. Throughout her career Cori has been able to assist employees, colleagues and senior executives alike to reach their individual and corporate goals and greatest potential. As a Certified Executive Coach Cori has a gift of seeing what is hidden below the surface, teamed with an ability to bring that which is hidden into view. Cori’s career has come full circle as the founder of the Jouta Performance Group.

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