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Constant change is the new business normal and this means that we need to be prepared to deal with it all the time. Change management can be a complex process and therefore requires attention from employees of all levels in the organization. It is key for an HR professional to assess the human impact of change by finding ways to encourage a smooth transition to new workplace responsibilities, and to successfully implement new processes while minimizing negative outcomes.

From this event you will benefit from experts who will guide you through the change management process in attempts to minimize both short and long-term disruption to make workplace transitions as seamless as possible. Lets learn together, while apart at this symposium.

Keynote Highlights:

Session #1:  

People Change Leadership: The Human Element of Leading People Through Change

Speaker:  Reggie Mueller, CPHR - Director, Retail Sales, Westland Insurance Group Ltd.

Leading change is hard, learn proven people leadership techniques to develop and lead your teams during times of change

Join us while Reggie shares her journey of building leadership teams during transformational changes. She will provide strategies and best practices for team building, driving results, team engagement and developing an adaptable culture.

Session #2:  

Predict, Pivot, and Recalibrate. Navigating Change at Hyper-speed

Speaker: Dee Sharma, CPHR, SRHM-SCP - Principal, TriMark People Solutions Inc.

The recent pandemic has highlighted the need to be innovative, adaptive and flexible. Predict, pivot, and recalibrate is the new way forward.

Discover new strategies and opportunities to prepare for a cultural and digital transformation, hybrid work places, and people centric strategies that resonate in your workplace

Session #3:

Change Management: The Key to Successful Digital Transformation

Speaker: Golda Iriobe, CPHR - Organizational Development & Change Advisor/ BC Liquor Distribution

Description: Digital transformation is key to the survival of many companies, yet digital transformations are tough and frequently fail. Without successful change management, digital transformation efforts will fail to deliver results. Join Golda Iriobe as she shares tips on supporting your employees through digital transformation and some insight on increasing the success of digital initiatives


Golda Iriobe, CPHR

Golda Iriobe, CPHR, Prosci is a certified change management advisor, organizational development specialist and consultant. With 12 years of experience leading organizational development & change projects in various organizations around the world, she brings a unique perspective designing & implementing change initiatives that meet business objectives by focusing on the people side of change. She also coaches senior leaders and executives, helping them fulfil the role of change sponsor/champions through complex business and organizational change.

Reggie Mueller, CPHR

Reggie Mueller, CPHR is an authentic, values based, people leader, and she holds her BBA from the University of the Fraser Valley. She is a CPHR and Lean Blackbelt, and is certified in change management processes. As an award winning change leadership expert, Reggie has led many people projects during her career including an enterprise-wide system conversion across First West Credit Union. She finds the challenge of leading people during change stimulating and is ingenious in tackling complex change situations. Reggie leverages her Lean Blackbelt skills to be a clever and original problem solver, and is praised as a reflective leader who can adapt her leadership style based on the situation and her audience. Reggie currently leads a team of 6 regional sales leaders and has built her team by articulating a clear strategic vision, and continues to base business decisions on values and people centered concerns. She lives in South Langley with her husband Dale and two teenage boys. In her spare time she enjoys jogging and scrapbooking.

Dee Sharma, CPHR, SRHM-SCP

Dee Sharma, CPHR, SRHM-SCP brings more than 20 years of human resources, employer governance, learning and development and employer branding experience to the table. He is a passionate advocate for organizational success, people and culture development through the strategic design of HR programs, practices, training, and continuous improvement. Having served 11 years as an auxiliary peace officer with Canada’s National Police force, and over 15 years as a Victim Services volunteer, Dee also provides insights from a true governance, investigative, community, and volunteerism perspective. Doing “the right thing for the right reasons” is what drives Dee and his team for continued success. Dee has led organizations to successfully achieve sustained and positive employee engagement, resulting in successful Employer of Choice awards and recognition. The result– establishing an engaged, productive workforce, free of any compliance or regulatory concerns while having fun and learning along the way.

Course curriculum

    1. Video - People Change Leadership: The Human Element of Leading People Through Change

    2. PowerPoint - Session 1 "People Change Leadership: The Human Element of Leading People Through Change"

    1. Video - Predict, Pivot, and Recalibrate. Navigating Change at Hyper-speed

    2. PowerPoint - Session 2: Predict, Pivot, and Recalibrate. Navigating Change at Hyper-speed

    1. Video - Change Management: The Key to Successful Digital Transformation

    2. PowerPoint - Change Management: The Key to Successful Digital Transformation

    1. Course Survey

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