CPHR BC & Yukon Conference On-Demand 2017 | Breakout Session: Accelerating the Evolution of HR

Think Like a Business, Act Like a Business, Win Like a Business (1.5 CPD Hours)

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The media has been calling for a major disruption in HR, demanding for it to become more strategic, to solve more imminent business problems and to step up its game or be replaced. Unfortunately, many HR professionals don’t know exactly what Strategic HR actually means, or how to get started. And most are so mired in the operational that even when they catch the vision, they’re unable to fuel their necessary transformation. But the future of HR is now, and we have to solve this strategic need now.

Using the famous Business Model Canvas as a lens, we’ll introduce an all-new approach to HR that will transform the way you approach HR, buy you credibility across the organization, and earn you a seat at the strategic table.

Using the framework of the business model canvas, you’ll come away with real techniques to help you determine who HR’s customers are, how to identify their unmet needs, how to build value propositions to meet those needs, and how to build value delivery channels so those solutions actually make a difference to your organization.

You’ll learn how to market your value to those customers, how to change the perception of HR through story, how to build partnerships, and measure and manage customer relationships. You’ll learn how to escape the operational handcuffs holding you back, and you’ll come away armed not only with a proven framework to reinvent your department, but also armed with the language of business, which will buy you credibility in the boardroom and with executives, that you can use to martial support for future initiatives.

Rusty Lindquist
Rusty Lindquist

Meet your speaker

Rusty Lindquist has spent 18 years leading product innovation and running product teams in industries including Learning & Development, Leadership Management, and education. In that time he helped invent and bring to market over 20 successful products.

He is currently Vice President of HCM Strategy and Intellectual Property at BambooHR. In this capacity, he takes the business and innovation processes and methodologies of his past, and applies them to HR in an effort to inspire and enable HR leaders today to know how to elevate their impact by thinking and acting more like a business.

Rusty is also a writer and keynote speaker, impassioned about setting people free to do great work. He speaks mostly on HR strategy, how to develop highly effective employees, and how to help people overcome the gravitational pull of their past so they can achieve more in life.

BambooHR is a leading HR Technology company whose innovations are designed to accelerate the evolution of HR in small to medium sized businesses, so HR can focus on the work their organizations are aching for.

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Accelerating the Evolution of HR – Think Like a Business, Act Like a Business, Win Like a Business

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