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The presentation, Courageous Leadership in Times of Uncertainty, was part of a 3 day virtual event presented by the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of Canada.  Called the HR Virtual Forum Series - Empowering Your People in a Post-Pandemic Workplace, the presentation was originally presented live on May 25, 2020. 

We suddenly find ourselves in a new context for leadership that is filled with uncertainty, rapid change and heightened anxiety for the people we are leading. What does being a Courageous Leader look like in this new context? How do we navigate this new terrain with competence and confidence when everything around us feels new and unfamiliar. The Courageous Leadership in Times of Uncertainty framework was created to highlight the leadership competencies we always needed, and have now become THE required competencies for leaders to inspire and motivate people in their personal and professional lives.

Join us for an interactive and experiential discovery of what courageous leadership really looks like, and leave with tangible tools and techniques to become the courageous leader you were always meant to be!


Diane Lloyd

Diane Lloyd is a coach, speaker and facilitator with a superpower for creating safe and inspiring environments that create unguarded conversations and transformational change. She founded Inspired Results Group for leaders who are co-creating cultures, shaping conversations, and impacting lives in organizations around the world. Her company is redefining what leadership looks like over the next century. She is on a mission to end the era of command and control, and usher in the age of enlighten and empower.Inspired Results Groups offers executive coaching, leadership development and culture transformations with tools from Conversational Intelligence® and Dare to Lead™. As a member of the faculty team at Royal Roads University, Diane teaches executive coaching to leaders across North America. Diane and her team work with a variety of sectors and profiles, and have a special desire to work with leaders who are motivated to access their potential and create positive change in the world.

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