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When leaders learn the specific tools for building accountability, and positive energy in everything they do, the paradigm shift is profound; the results astounding. Employees in today’s job market want very different things from their working lives and corporate experiences. Creating The Accountability Culture and understanding the Science of Life Changing Leadership is at the core of this session. Yvonne shares the fundamentals of building an organization where there is no blaming, no deflection, where every leader, employee and contributor truly engage in responsible self- management and accountability; where full ownership of emotions, behaviors, performance and ultimate outcomes are simply part of the culture. The Full Accountability Model will be shared and explored with each participant.

In this presentation, you will:
  • have a clear understanding of the shift from Old Energy Organizational culture to a New Energy Organization.
  • will gain additional knowledge in the new sciences that inform positive psychology in the workplace and how it contributes to the Accountability Model.
  • will gain specific knowledge in the Accountability Model and how it is sequenced and taught in order to get the greatest shift in leaders approach
  • will understand the importance of the daily practices and will begin to consider how to implement in their unique environment
  • will receive a copy of The Accountability Model for future reference.
Who should attend:
  • This session provides critical information for anyone who wants to facilitate high performance, great profitability, and low work-related healthcare costs. Human Resource leaders at all levels from small entrepreneurial business to large complex corporations will benefit as specific tools and techniques are described and shared to create a true culture of accountability and self-responsibility. Anyone wishing to enhance culture and shift towards a culture of personal responsibility and self-regulation should attend this session.

Meet your instructor

Yvonne Thompson

Yvonne Thompson is the founder and President/CEO of Change Innovators Inc., a learning and development company facilitating Leadership programming in North America and Europe. Yvonne designed, developed and implemented the New World Leadership™ Series and has been facilitating it for over twelve years. Yvonne has a Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University, British Columbia, Canada and is a Chartered Professional of Human Resources winning the AON Hewitt Award of Excellence. Yvonne is a public speaker, presenting at conferences and conventions, providing keynotes on Leadership and Creating an Accountability Culture and concurrent workshops focused on New World Leadership™ theories. She has taught as Adjunct faculty at the University of Winnipeg and the Business Faculty of Providence University specializing in Human Behaviour, High Performance and Organizational Learning.  She is the author of 3 books. Her most recent work was released April 18, 2018 by Business Expert Press (Chicago) titled, Creating the Accountability Culture; The Science of Life Changing Leadership.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Creating the Accountability Culture

    • Webinar Recording

    • PowerPoint

    • Worksheet

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    • Course Survey