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In any week, 500,000 Canadians are absent from work due to stress and mental health concerns. These numbers are not only staggering, they are growing worse, as incidents of depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions continue to rise.

 While statistics such as these stress the value of workplace wellness campaigns, they also reinforce the importance of fully understanding and complying with human rights obligations such as the duty to accommodate.

In this webinar, employment and human rights lawyer, David Brown, will discuss the always challenging topics of human rights in the workplace, the duty to accommodate and undue hardship, with a specific focus on mental illness. David will also provide practical thoughts on effective communication with employees on medical leave, the employer’s role in supporting recovery, and effective practices in working with WorkSafeBC and disability insurance providers.  

In this presentation, you will learn: 

  • Human Rights in the Workplace
  • Duty to Accommodate
  • Undue Hardship
  • Disability management

Who should attend: 

  • All levels of HR practitioners. Junior and mid-level HR managers/supervisors will find this presentation particularly useful. 

Meet your instructor

David Brown, CPHR

David believes in the power of work. Work creates important roles for individuals and enterprises. To the individual, work is often a pillar of personal identity that is connected to the opportunities for exploration and growth that employment can provide. For the enterprise, work is a means to solve challenges in our communities. Work sparks innovation, fosters community engagement, and creates synergistic energy. It is an opportunity. David’s belief in the power of work, and his appreciation that work affects our psychological and emotional health, is reflected in his legal practice. He advises businesses on how they can create workplaces that flourish so they can realize their mission and create empowered, values-focused environments. Known for his approachable humor, plain language communication style and empowering message, David has been a trusted employment advisor in the British Columbia Interior for many years.

Course Curriculum

    1. Webinar Recording

    1. Course Survey

About this course

  • 2 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content