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According to a survey by LinkedIn, Canada ranks among the top five labour markets with the highest turnover, globally. With 36% of Canadian employees ready to pursue a new opportunity if approached, the competition for recruiting and retaining top talent is more fierce than ever. Can you afford to lose your top-performing employees?

Join Tom Short, Founder and Chief Customer Officer of Kudos to learn how you can attract top talent while retaining your high-performing teams. Discover the true cost and causes of turnover, and strategies you can implement today to attract, retain and engage your employees.

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HR professionals and business leaders who aim to reduce their employee turnover and engage and unlock the full potential of their current high-performance employees.

Meet your instructor

Tom Short

Over the course of 25 years, Tom Short has used his passion for entrepreneurship and marketing to launch numerous, highly successful companies. At each organization Tom has built, employee experience has been the cornerstone to building effective teams. His expertise and learnings resulted in the development of Kudos as a solution and system to promote and enhance corporate culture, motivate individuals and create great employee experiences.Tom leads business development, marketing, and customer engagement at Kudos and is active in speaking engagements and thought leadership activities in the HR industry. He is passionate about the role recognition plays in creating a great employee experience and is dedicated to educating the world about what genuine recognition can do for people everywhere.  

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  • 3 lessons
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