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This practical program challenges you to use your real-life cases in learning to guide change. Expect to develop your own personal action plan for being a guide in change to enhance your organizations capacity for it.

Take it and expect to:

  • Deepen your understanding of what it takes to help your organization change using an integrated, systems-based approach.
  • Curate the flow of activities plan for guiding change: who you work with, when and what you help them to do.
  • Explore the facilitation, consulting and helping skills that are so necessary for competent guides.
  • Conduct an audit on the current level of competency for guiding change in your organization.
  • Design an action plan to increase the organizational capacity for dealing with complex change.

Who should take this course:

Organization development, human resources, learning & development professionals.

Meet your instructor

Chris Edgelow

Chris Edgelow is the Founder & President of Sundance Consulting Inc and Lost Creek Press Ltd, organizations that are dedicated to providing consulting / training services and publishing a variety of resources that help organizations change. For more than 30 years, Chris has worked extensively throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He has taught at the university level and is a sought after speaker at many conferences each year. Always engaging and very practical in his approach, Chris help people face the reality of what is currently happening in their organizations and find ways to build the necessary leadership competencies that will ensure their changes succeed. 

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Course Curriculum

    1. Overview - Guiding Change Course (5 min. / 42 sec)

    2. Introduction & Objectives (5:26)

    3. Resolving the Challenge - Capacity Building in a Changing Organization (10:37)

    4. Who Should Guide Change & What Skills Do They Need (10:27)

    5. Your Case Study (10:28)

    6. Approaches, Dimensions & The Ideal Flow (6:26)

    7. Start With The Systems View (10:51)

    8. Lead Yourself & Help Your Own Group (2:46)

    9. Senior Leader Ownership (5:58)

    10. Improving Communication (5:25)

    11. Effective Project Teams (5:02)

    12. Middle Management Engagement (4:23)

    13. Supporting Employees (3:24)

    14. Consulting Skills: Essential Principles (5:23)

    15. A Consulting Skills Model (2:41)

    16. The Consulting Process (14:12)

    17. Frameworks For Being Helpful (2:36)

    18. The Essence of Being Helpful (4:24)

    19. 4 Levels of Inquiry & Helpful Questions (6:39)

    20. Integrating Change Leadership Into Your Organization (4:16)

    21. Assessment, Action Plan & Wrap Up (5:17)

    22. Slide Handout - Guiding Change

    23. Worksheets - Guiding Change

    24. Article - Capacity Building in Changing Organizations.

    25. The Complete Program - Guiding Change (2 hrs. / 6 min. / 48 sec.)

    1. Course Survey

About this course

  • 26 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content