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Course Description

This minor program has six video lessons that look at interpersonal relationships, empathy and social responsibility. Strong interpersonal skills will allow your team to establish relationships built on trust and compassion.  

When someone is strong in interpersonal relationships, they can easily establish mutually satisfying relationships and feel at home in social situations. This, in turn, allows you to have strong relationships.  This course explores how enhancing your connections with others not only impacts your personal well-being and strengthens your mind, but provides an opportunity to raise your leadership capabilities in an effective and measurable way. 

Learning Objectives

  • Develop a toolkit of seven key tips that can and will help you build positive relationships
  • Investigate how verbal and non-verbal communication impact your interpersonal relationships
  • Make empathy a habit by learning how to empathize with your “enemies” to enhance your ability and see from different points of view
  • Observe how your personal social responsibility relates to your company’s corporate social responsibility code
  • Discover ways to enhance your social responsibility to gain a greater sense of self-purpose

Meet your instructor

Carolyn Stern

Head Instructor

Carolyn Stern specializes in helping professionals get unstuck, maximize their potential and achieve more. She is a successful entrepreneur, self-development professional, author, university professor, corporate trainer and coach, and Certified Emotional Intelligence Facilitator/Instructor. Her focus and passion has been on integrating emotional intelligence, leadership, and personal development, thereby empowering professionals to have the courage to get out of their own way, to live the life they have always wanted to, and to be the best version of themselves. Carolyn is a popular guest speaker at seminars, conferences and retreats.

Course Curriculum

    1. Get Started!

    2. Read Me

    3. Learning Guide

    4. Life Learning Guide

    1. 1. Introduction

    2. 2. Introduction of the Interpersonal Composite

    3. 3. Interpersonal Relationships

    4. 4. Empathy

    5. 5. Social Responsibility

    6. 6. Conclusion

    7. You're Almost There...

    8. Final Exam

    1. Minor Program - Interpersonal survey

About this course

  • 13 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content