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The effects from the pandemic in 2020 have brought both novel and challenging employment law shifts, unlike in previous years. As we prepare for the new year, employers will be required to continually monitor and stay informed of new legal developments as they plan to effectively manage their workplace obligations in 2021.

In this three-part legal series, our expert lawyers will address the most pressing employment law and workforce challenges, accommodation updates, health and safety and all the potential impacts employers may face as the pandemic continues to affect organizations.

Session #1: How Organizations Can Navigate Remote Work and Its Risks

Speakers: Melanie Booth, CPHR and Alejandra (Ale) Henao, Kane Shannon Weiler LLP


With the pandemic’s shift from office centred work to remote work, employees are making due by using devices and spaces that may not be ideal. There are additional risks that remote work brings to organizations and this session will provide some helpful tips to safely and effectively navigate remote work in your organization.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Legal considerations
  • Employee performance management
  • Occupational health and safety considerations
  • Family status and accommodation
  • Privacy concerns

Session #2:  Privacy During COVID-19

Speaker: Suzanne M. Kennedy, Harris & Company LLP

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to prepare a privacy compliant remote work policy;
  • How to detect and address data security issues;
  • The dos and don’s of electronic monitoring your remote workforce;
  • Best practices for collecting COVID-19 related personal information;

Session #3:  Notable Cases from a Pandemic Year

Speakers: Veronica Ukrainetz & Pamela Connolly, Ukrainetz Workplace Law Group


While the Pandemic was underway, life continued on (after a pause) for the courts and administrative tribunals. The courts, human rights, employment standards and privacy tribunals, as well as arbitrators and labour boards across Canada issued decisions over issues which were percolating pre-Pandemic.

The issues are of interest (or more importantly, of concern!) to employers, but have been pushed aside by more immediate, Pandemic related matters.

Pamela Connolly and Veronica Ukrainetz, both of Ukrainetz Workplace Law Group will, in an interactive format, review notable cases decided in 2020, discuss their practical application, lessons learned and tips to take away.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How decisions which may appear to be “one-off’s”, do have take-aways for employers and human resource professionals (“We would never do that …. right …?”
  • Why it’s important to understand how a decision from another province or federally may affect decisions around your organization’s employees
  • How recent decisions may impact hiring decisions, performance management and your organizations approach to privacy and human rights related issues
  • How decisions coming out of the Labour Board and/or of arbitrators may impact your organization, even if your organization is not unionized

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Course Curriculum

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