Own Your Inbox - Manage Email like an Expert

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Are  you spending too much time with email? Does a typical day sound  something like this: write, read, reply, and repeat? It's time to take  control of your inbox and start handling your email like a productivity  expert. In this hands-on session, you will learn how to keep messages  organized and easy to manage. From processing emails more quickly to  setting up automated follow-ups, this presentation will make you the master of your inbox. 

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • How to reduce the time spent checking email
  • Processes to keep your inbox clean and efficient
  • How to achieve inbox zero on a regular basis
  • Techniques to avoid email distractions and inbox clutter
  • How to create automated rules and follow-up reminders

Who should attend: 

  • This session is applicable for all levels of HR staff. Regardless if  you are an HR generalist or a Senior HR leader, this session will help  you deal with your email more efficiently and effectively.
Scott Friesen
Scott Friesen

Meet your instructor

Scott Friesen is not too busy. He’s productive. There’s a difference. He is also the founder of Simpletivity training and consulting.

As a 'busyness killer', Scott helps people from all over the world improve their productivity. His time management techniques have benefited thousands of individuals and organizations alike. Managing email overload, never ending to-do lists, and technology distractions are among Scott's specialties. 

Through speeches, courses, and workshops, Scott provides powerful tools to those who want more out of their day. He has dedicated his life to helping others focus on what is most important and to do it with less stress. Because being too busy isn't productive.

Course Curriculum

Own Your Inbox - Manage Email like an Expert

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