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This webinar will provide you with insights on practical and effective ways for mid-sized firms to get business benefits from an analytics-savvy HR function.

In this presentation, you will learn:
  • A strategic framework to end the confusion around analytics
  • How to organize your existing staff to do more analytics
  • Clear case studies you can replicate in your own business
  • Tips for avoiding the landmines that derail analytics
Who should attend:
  • C-suite leaders in mid-sized or large companies which compete on the quality of their talent, as well as HR professionals who are directly tasked with delivering analytics.

Meet your instructor

David Creelman

David Creelman is CEO of Creelman Research. He’s best known for this research on people analytics, the future of work, and reporting on human capital to boards.Much of his work is built upon long-time collaborations, in some cases with famous names such as John Boudreau, Ed Lawler, Dave Ulrich and Henry Mintzberg. Over the course of decades, he’s got to know many of the people advancing the state of management.Some of the most enjoyable work has been with Recruit in Japan, including taking leaders on a tour of US tech companies in the days before they bought Indeed. Another great experience was participating with Leif Edvinsson’s intellectual capital group, leading to a presentation on human capital in the big room at the World Bank in Paris.Accomplishments have aggregated over time. He’s won the Walker Award and been made a Fellow of the Centre for Evidence-based Management; his HBR online piece on leadership with Wanda Wallace topped the most popular list for many weeks; and his co-authored book “Lead the Work: Navigating a world beyond employment” (now available in Chinese) is still the best book on the gig economy.In his personal life he has travelled extensively, sometimes to places that no longer exist in the same way: Syria before the war, Romania just after the revolution, and Nepal when cars were rarely seen. He’s also enjoyed places that are still emerging, Aceh after the tsunami, Cambodia after the wars, and South Africa after apartheid. He’s based in Toronto and spends part of each year in Kuala Lumpur.

Course Curriculum

    1. Webinar Recording

    2. PowerPoint

    1. Survey

About this course

  • 3 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content