Sexual Harassment is not a new issue, but increased media attention and movements such as #MeToo are encouraging victims and survivors to step forward, share their experiences and understand they are not alone. However, the complex nature of the subject matter makes education and training necessary to ensure that you are creating Safer Spaces in your workplace. 

Safer Spaces Introduces education and training that helps employers to create more respectful workplaces, free from sexual harassment, and provides tools and resources to address sexual harassment in the right way, if it does occur. go2HR hopes to establish a new standard of safe, supportive and respectful workplaces where people feel secure and confident knowing that their well-being is a top priority.

Human Resource (HR) professionals and leaders are fundamental to creating sexual harassment free workplaces because they establish the workplace culture and set the tone. By taking this important first step in education and training, they can model a powerful example to their entire teams. We invite BC & Yukon’s HR professionals, including employers, managers and supervisors, to take the lead by completing the Safer Spaces course and creating their own safer workplaces. 

Although the course has been developed with the tourism & hospitality in mind, the content, resources and tools are applicable to ALL industries.

Trigger warning:  Safer Spaces training course deals with a serious subject matter. The content can invoke a trigger response in those who have previously experienced trauma. Think of a trigger warning as a consent button for content. It puts choice back in the hands of the survivors. We aim to be sensitive and have several trigger warnings in all of our online content. Within our Safer Spaces training, we will also direct people to supportive resources whenever appropriate.


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