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Talent management enables organizations to attract and retain talent long term. It encompasses development opportunities and strategies that motivate teams to be at their best.

The pandemic has changed the way we work, and it’s more important than ever for HR teams to keep track of in-office, remote, hybrid and even contractual employees all at the same time. This includes all processes related to onboarding, recruitment, development, and your employee’s overall wellbeing as well as maintaining your organizational culture and ethics.

With a proper talent management process, it’s possible for HR teams to streamline the entire employee life cycle for optimal success. How do we achieve all this though? Join us for this virtual event, where industry experts will walk you through everything you need to know about talent management and the employee life cycle.

Symposium Session Highlights:

Keynote Session  - Build Momentum and Maximize People Potential

Speaker: Nicole Davidson, CPHR - Founder, Beacon HR

Description: With continued uncertainty, many companies are downsizing, shifting, and constantly adapting as a response to tight market conditions. Workplaces are reorganizing everything—with an added focus on cultivating a successful team structure and curating an effective roster of communication tools. It all starts at the top with leadership.


Keynote Session  - 5 Ways to be the Inclusive Employer of Choice

Speaker: Manpreet Dhillon, CPHR - Founder & Principal Inclusion Officer, Veza Global

Description: In this talk, we will be exploring how to manage change from an inclusive lens to become the inclusive employer of choice. We will discuss the following:

  • How neuroplasticity impacts the change management process
  • Communicating for engagement
  • Walking the talk of inclusivity
  • Increasing revenue through inclusive culture
  • Moving to the next step of Veza's Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Maturity Model


Super Mini Session - Strategic Leadership in HR

Speaker: Dr. Michele Vincenti, CPHR - Chair, Leadership and People Management MBA, University Canada West

Description: Strategy is not equal to an activity but the identification of a uniqueness on how an organization will compete. To achieve a successful strategy the different functions in HR must be aligned and to so the HR practitioner requires technical knowledge and leadership skills. The use of artificial intelligence and the application of traditional theories will be discussed.


Super Mini Session - Creating A Workplace Culture of Safety and Belonging

Speaker: David Cory - Founder, The Emotional Intelligence Training Company Inc.

Description: Many organizations are implementing programs to address such critical issues as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Psychological Safety. How can an HR professional ensure these programs are successful? Join David Cory, leadership development specialist, as he explores the relationship between DEI, Psychological Safety, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence.


Keynote Session - Legal Challenges During Recruitment

Speaker: Jaclyn Leong, CPHR - Senior Director, Legal, Aritzia

Description: The recruitment process, including job postings, interviews, and offers, can raise many legal issues for employers.  Planning and structure around these components will assist those in talent acquisition and talent management mitigate any legal risks.

Course curriculum

    1. Video - Build Momentum and Maximize People Potential

    2. PowerPoint - Build Momentum and Maximize People Potential

    1. Video - 5 Ways to be the Inclusive Employer of Choice

    2. PowerPoint - 5 Ways to be the Inclusive Employer of Choice

    1. Video - Strategic Leadership in HR

    2. PowerPoint - Strategic Leadership in HR

    1. Video - Creating A Workplace Culture of Safety and Belonging

    2. PowerPoint - Creating A Workplace Culture of Safety and Belonging

    1. Video - Legal Challenges During Recruitment

    2. PowerPoint - Legal Challenges During Recruitment

    1. Course Survey

About this course

  • 11 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

Meet your keynote speakers

Nicole Davidson, CPHR

Nicole is the CEO & Founder of Beacon HR. With team members across Vancouver, Victoria, and Toronto, Beacon HR helps growing companies find and keep great people through modern approaches to recruitment and retention. She’s passionate about building awesome businesses and brings over a decade of experience partnering with growing businesses throughout North America. Nicole serves on the Board of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, and regularly gives back through volunteering with The Forum and Mission Possible in the downtown Eastside. She’s a proud CPHR member and loves supporting the HR community to uplift the profession as a whole.

Manpreet Dhillon, CPHR

Ranked #15 globally on the 2020 EmPower Ethnic Minority Future Leaders list, Manpreet Dhillon is the Founder and Principal Inclusion Officer, Veza Global. Over the past 15 years, Veza Global has built and supported the implementation of EDI throughout all levels of an organization by applying research-based organizational maturity models and utilizing proprietary assessment technology developed from our international experience. Manpreet has over 20 years of leadership, coaching, human resources, change management, internal audits and community development expertise. She focuses on creating systemic change to address institutionalized inequalities through representation from the communities being served.

Jaclyn Leong, CPHR

A business-minded lawyer and CPHR, Jaclyn leads the employment law team at Aritzia — an innovative design house and fashion boutique — supporting all workplace and immigration matters across Canada, the USA, and abroad. She provides valuable subject-matter expertise as Aritzia expands into new markets and grows its eCommerce business. With experience in the retail, telecom, and IT industries, Jaclyn offers strategic guidance in the areas of employment law and commercial litigation. This includes compliance, risk mitigation, contracts, policies, privacy, investigations, dispute resolution, negotiation, litigation management, and general advisory services. Jaclyn is a team leader and trusted advisor who builds strong partnerships with stakeholders, develops scalable infrastructure, and executes on corporate objectives, combining cogent legal analysis with practical business solutions.