Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator CERTIFICATION program (15 CPD Hours)

Become a 'Certified Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator' to obtain the credibility people want to see. (15.0 CPD Hours)

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Once you have completed the Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training coursetake this Certification Program to boost your credibility and build your confidence as a facilitator. Upon completion, you will be a 'Certified Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator'.

Certified students are seen as role models and leaders, and carry the credibility that people want to see. 

Certification Program: $447 CAD (+ GST)*
*CPHR BC & Yukon members receive 25% off of the Certification Program.

Annual re-certification: $177 CAD (+ GST)

Certification Program is done through CPHR's PD On-Demand portal.

Subsequent Annual Re-certification is done directly with The Calm Monkey.

To be eligible, you must have successfully completed The Calm Monkey's Facilitator Training course.

Certification Process:

See the detailed Certification Program description here.

  1. Register by signing up through CPHR PD on Demand, and email Wendy@TheCalmMonkey.com to specify the start date you want to begin your 4 month portfolio completion period (must start within 6 months of enrolling into the program).
  2. Complete your Portfolio online.
  3. Submit your Portfolio for review.

When you achieve your certification, it will be valid for one year. This means that to continue using your title of 'Certified Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator' after one year, you'll want to re-certify each year.

This FAQ covers Facilitator Training and Certification Program frequently asked questions.

What will you learn?

The primary purpose of the Certification is for you to show your proficiency in facilitation in order to achieve your certification status. Through this process, facilitators enjoy the structure and confidence-building that this program gives them so they have more credibility.

You are guided online, and it includes a skills booster called 'Common Meditation Problems' so you can guide participants through the most common meditation problems that people experience.

Hear from Certified students:

Wendy Quan
Wendy Quan
Founder, The Calm Monkey

Meet your instructor

Wendy Quan, founder of The Calm Monkey, is the industry leader helping organizations implement mindfulness meditation programs and combining change management techniques to create personal and organizational change resiliency. She trains passionate meditators to become workplace facilitators through workshops and online training.

Wendy is a certified organizational change manager who has been recognized as a pioneer by the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley and the global Association of Change Management Professionals. Her clients include individuals from around the world and organizations such as Google and the government of Dubai.

Wendy’s career has included management in human resources, organizational development, coaching and information technology. Wendy is a leader in the change management community and founded the Vancouver Change Management Practitioner’s community of practice.

Through her change management experience and successful journey through cancer, Wendy delivers results in a practical, open manner that has broad appeal and evidence-based benefits.Her life’s goal is to help people create a better experience of life.

The thought leader in:

The integration of change management and workplace mindfulness meditation to build personal and workplace resiliency, and training and certifying facilitators.

What's included?

14 Texts